February 2, 2019

From cafe lights that twinkle against the dark, grey skies, cobblestone streets that are almost empty of tourists, and the blanket of snow that covers Champ de Mars, there’s just something so magical about Paris in the winter time. In fact, it has been one of my favourite seasons in Paris, and I find myself […]


November 10, 2018

Belgium, one of Europe’s often overlooked destinations, is known for its Medieval towns, waffles and of course, chocolate! I recently spent a weekend exploring this cute little country with the goal of finding the best gluten-free Belgium specialties and indulge in all the chocolate Brussels and Bruges had to offer. Brussels I started my trip in […]


November 9, 2018

Oh hey, remember me? I’ve been MIA here on the blog for the past couple of months, but If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you probably know that I moved to Paris! Life in France has kept me even busier than I imagined, and time has flown by, but I’m absolutely loving it […]


October 12, 2018

My first weekend getaway after moving to France was London. While traveling to a new country with dietary restrictions, especially with no access to a full kitchen, can seem daunting at first. London is an extremely Paleo and gluten-free friendly city! I was impressed by how many gluten-free and Paleo options were available in both […]



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