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.I’m Molly, a travel obsessed, sunshine loving Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Natural Chef currently living in Paris, France. And I’m on a mission to help women with digestive and Autoimmune conditions live vibrant, thriving lives through real food and a holistic lifestyle.

 When I’m not in the kitchen creating recipes, you can usually find me wandering the streets of Paris, practicing my French, belting out some Broadway tunes, or browsing the aisles of a health food store. 

i'm so glad you are here!

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My love for food and nutrition came through my own health journey. For as long as I can remember I suffered from chronic and mysterious digestive issues. After receiving a diagnosis in my early 20’s of IBS, SIBO, and Celiac, I was told by doctors that the foods I was eating (other than gluten) had nothing to do with my persistent health issues, and that It was just the way my body was acting. I knew there had to be more too it, so I took matters into my own hands.This led me to finding the Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol diets and I never looked back. It only made sense to me that what I was putting in my body would be the root cause of my digestive distress. Within a few months of following the AIP diet, working on healing my leaky gut, and prioritizing sleep and stress management, I saw huge improvements in my health. My crippling stomach pain, daily headaches and autoimmune issues were all in remission.  And I was able to heal from the inside out. Now I’m passionate about helping women with chronic illness live healthier, happier, lives through nutrition and lifestyle. 


 I've always loved cooking. I started watching Food Network at the age of 7 and never looked back. Rachael Ray was my role model and I would act out my own 30 Minute Meals in my mom's kitchen. 

Number one

I've always had a really good memory and can remember even the smallest of details. sometimes this creeps people out so I often pretend not to remember things. 


 number two 

I don't like coffee. Like, at all. 

 number three

I love traveling and flying. I flew for the first time when I was 22 and was just as excited as a 5-year-old.

 number four

I have 6 siblings. I'm right in the middle and I love it. 


number five 

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