January 12, 2021

I bet you never think about eating foods to support your liver. I know I didn’t either until I was studying to be an FNTP, and realized that my symptoms, such as hormone imbalance, poor digestion of fats, and acne could all be signs of poor, sluggish liver health. So why should you care about […]


February 3, 2019

Growing up, I ate oatmeal for breakfast every. single. day. While I loved the morning ritual of eating a warm, comforting bowl of oats, it didn’t always leave me feeling my best. Eventually I traded oatmeal for other “healthy” breakfast foods, but oats were one of the only foods I intuitively avoided before going Paleo. […]


November 29, 2018

While there aren’t many non-Paleo foods that I miss very often, yogurt and granola are definitely at the top of the list. I used to be obsessed with granola, especially gingersnap, and I still have cravings for a yogurt parfait topped with a good crunchy granola for breakfast sometimes. Add a drizzle of raw honey and […]


November 16, 2018

This Turkey pot pie recipe has been sitting in my drafts since August and with Thanksgiving just a week away I thought it would be the perfect time to share it with you all! Does anyone else crave Thanksgiving dinner all year round? I certainly do, and I don’t see why we have to save […]


August 14, 2018

Have you ever considered that perhaps your poor health and chronic symptoms could be a sign of your gut health? We’ve all heard the saying “all disease begins in the gut,” and this statement couldn’t be more true. Digestion is fundamental to overall health. Every system of the body relies on nutrients absorbed through the […]


May 12, 2018

Hummus is the ultimate healthy snack. It has tons of protein and fiber, it’s fun for dipping veggies and chips in, and makes an excellent dish for parties and on the go. Hummus was a daily staple in my pre-paleo days; I remember buying those cute little to-go cups with the pretzels for an afternoon […]


May 5, 2018

Shepherd’s Pie is my go to meal when I don’t know what to make for dinner or have a lot of vegetables in the refrigerator that need to be used up. It’s easy to make, and is delicious with pretty much any vegetables you have on hand. I chose to use carrots, fennel, and leeks […]


March 3, 2018

While I enjoy creating new recipes and having variety in my meals, I also like to have a few classic recipes to fall back on. A hearty, slow cooked Irish stew is one dish that makes an appearance on my dinner table almost weekly.  It’s delicious, comforting, incredibly healing, and requires very little effort to […]



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