May 3, 2021

Incredibly fudgy and decadent Paleo flourless chocolate cupcakes that are secretly healthy! Made with sweet potato and cocoa powder, you’ll never believe these wholesome cupcakes are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and Paleo!  If I had to choose one vegetable to eat for the rest of my life it would be sweet potato because it can be […]

February 12, 2021

The perfect cozy, easy winter meal, this Italian wedding soup is hearty, nourishing and so flavorful! Gluten-free, dairy-free, Whole30 and Paleo, this soup is a family favorite!  I could easily eat soup everyday this time of the year, and this cozy, nourishing Italian wedding soup does not disappoint! It’s the perfect one pot meal for […]

January 12, 2021

I bet you never think about eating foods to support your liver. I know I didn’t either until I was studying to be an FNTP, and realized that my symptoms, such as hormone imbalance, poor digestion of fats, and acne could all be signs of poor, sluggish liver health. So why should you care about […]

January 7, 2021

Finally, a salad! I don’t know about you, but after all the holiday food the past couple of months I’m ready to get back to basics and eat more salads. I’ll admit, I usually neglect salads in the colder months. But this warm brussels sprouts salad just screams cozy winter. Crispy roasted brussels sprouts, delicata […]

January 1, 2021

This delectably creamy, perfectly spiced eggnog is a healthier upgrade to a Christmas classic. It’s completely vegan, paleo and naturally sweetened, and every bit as delicious as the original!  When it comes to holiday food, there are certain treats that are a must for me. Eggnog is one of them. Pouring the first glass of […]

December 30, 2020

This paleo and vegan fudge is the real deal! Ultra chocolaty, rich, creamy and a little chewy. It’s everything fudge should be! It’s also completely free of dairy, nuts, and gluten and is about to become your new favorite treat! Allow me apologize in advance for getting you completely addicted to this ultra chocolatey, creamy, […]

December 22, 2020

The countdown to christmas has officially begun! Christmas is just 5 days away and while the Christmas tree still isn’t decorated, there’s been tons of Christmas baking happening in my kitchen. Baking just feels so magical during the holiday season, doesn’t it? Twinkling lights, christmas carols playing in the background, and the smell of this […]

December 17, 2020

If I ever had to choose one dessert that represents Christmas to me, it would be peppermint bark. It was easily my favorite Christmas treat growing up, and it just doesn’t feel like the holidays without breaking into a tin of this festive minty chocolate!  Unfortunately though, store bought bark is loaded with refined sugar, […]

December 14, 2020

Snickerdoodles are a timeless classic everyone loves. They’re soft, chewy, and have the perfect combination of tangy and sweet that only snickerdoodles can have. And always a MUST on my Christmas baking list!  These easy Paleo snickerdoodle cookies are the real deal. They’re thick, pillowy soft, and secretly grain-free, dairy-free and egg-free. Trust me, you’ll […]

November 23, 2020

Move on over canned green beans and mushroom soup, this creamy, savory and crunchy green bean casserole is made with fresh ingredients for a dish you won’t want to miss on turkey day.  It’s also AIP, Paleo and dairy-free!  So, I have a confession. The closest I’ve ever been to eating green bean casserole is […]

November 23, 2020

This delicious orange cranberry sauce is naturally sweetened with maple syrup and has hints of warm cinnamon and vanilla. Bursting with fresh cranberries it’s the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. It’s also AIP, Paleo and the perfect addition to every Thanksgiving table! Cranberry sauce was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner growing up. […]

November 20, 2020

This creamy, delicious, and healthy sweet potato casserole has a gooey marshmallow topping and is the perfect holiday side dish! It’s also completely AIP, Paleo, egg-free and nut-free! I have to admit, I’d never tried sweet potato casserole until this year. It just wasn’t a dish served on my family’s Thanksgiving table growing up. And […]

October 28, 2020

This super easy Paleo German apple pancake is the perfect thanksgiving day breakfast! With sweet caramelized apples, and notes of cinnamon, this custard-y pancake is a scrumptious fall treat everyone will love! It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free and Paleo.  Have you ever had a german apple pancake?  A traditional german recipe, It’s basically a giant custard-y […]

September 28, 2020

This bacon and chive beef skillet is a delicious, one-pan meal that comes together with only 5 ingredients in 20 minutes or less. It’s AIP, Paleo and Whole30.  This is one of those dishes that’s so simple to make I wasn’t sure it even qualifies as a recipe. But I think those are the best […]

August 31, 2020

Cinnamon poached peaches with sticky ginger syrup is a simple and elegant dessert perfect for late summer. Made with simple ingredients, this recipe is Paleo, dairy-free, AIP, and low sugar.  Peaches are one of my favorite fruits, and every year I look forward to peach season. Nothing says summer quite like biting into a fresh, […]

August 27, 2020

Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack, these lemon blueberry bars are full of bright lemon and bursting with sweet blueberries. They’re also grain-free, paleo, and dairy-free! Do you ever go blueberry picking in the summer and end up with more blueberries than you can possibly eat? Every August my mom and grandmother take a […]

July 31, 2020

When I was in Austin TX for my NTP training a couple of years ago, I made a list of the Paleo friendly ice cream shops I wanted to try for “research.” Paleo ice cream is almost non-existent in Boston, and since I hadn’t been out for ice cream since going dairy-free or Paleo a […]

July 26, 2020

This healthy copycat Frosty tastes like a milkshake and has two servings of hidden veggies! It’s also AIP, and Paleo. If I were to throw paleo out the window and order fast food, I think the only thing I would order would be a Wendy’s frosty.  Who doesn’t love frosties? Fast food was a rare […]

July 25, 2020

Homemade dairy-free ranch dip made with fresh ingredients in 5 minutes or less! Perfect for dipping or drizzling over salads. It’s AIP, Paleo, Whole30, and tastes better than the bottled version! Sometimes when I find a really, really good salad dressing recipe, eating vegetables just becomes an excuse to eat the dressing. This Paleo and […]

July 12, 2020

Quick, easy, and full of flavorful, anti-inflammatory foods, this healthy curry chicken salad is the perfect way to spice up your weekday lunches. It’s also AIP, Whole30, Paleo, and seriously delicious! Chicken salad is one of those meals I love, but always forget just how much until summer rolls around. Then I wonder why I […]

June 29, 2020

Made with only 5 ingredients in less than 20 minutes, this healthy homemade nutella is easy to make and even easier to eat! Creamy, nutty and so addictive, this chocolate hazelnut spread is dairy-free, low sugar, and can even be vegan! Mmm Nutella. Growing up Nutella was a household staple that we made sure was […]

June 26, 2020

7 layer dip is the perfect party appetizer! Loaded with bold flavors, this Mexican inspired dish has 7 layers of delicious, fresh ingredients and is completely dairy-free, Paleo and AIP! 7 layer dip is one of those party foods everyone loves…. unless, you’re on the AIP diet. Between the dairy, nightshades and beans, you’re probably […]


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